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Call us for all your needs for any janitorial service, Bellevue.

In recent times, one of the biggest complaints that businesses have, no matter their size, concerns the quality of their janitorial service. Bellevue is no exception, and business owners have complained that their cleaning services are untrustworthy, not thorough, not professional, and generally unreliable. Those businesses, however, don’t use Apollo Janitorial Services. Since our business first opened its doors in 2001, we have become the area’s number one choice for cleaning services. Why? Because at Apollo, we offer reliable, thorough, and trustworthy service. Our customers recognize the difference dedication and experience can make, and we are proud of our unparalleled record of customer satisfaction.

Our secret to success centers, in part, around choices. It starts with the choices we make with regard to the personnel we hire. We are extremely particular about the people we invite to become part of our cleaning crew. All potential employees must pass through a meticulous screening process. They must be exceptionally well qualified and experienced. In addition, they must have a dedicated work ethic and a commitment to the old-fashioned values of honesty and integrity. Other local Bellevue janitorial services are not quite as picky. Consequently, they have a high turn-over rate and a crew that may or may not show up when needed, or perform their work in a trustworthy manner. At Apollo the fact that we have a 98% employee retention rate is a clear indication that we have made the right choices and have hired the right people who take the job as seriously as we do.

In addition, when it comes to a janitorial service, Bellevue businesses deserve choices, too—choices as to the types of services they want, the cleaning products that are used, the times those services are provided, and so forth. At Apollo, we offer a host of options for our customers to choose from. We have no minimum requirements as to size or scope of a cleaning project, and offer janitorial services for any type or size business. Our current list of satisfied customers includes large malls, retail stores, doctor’s offices, commercial warehouses, and small “mom & pop” businesses. In addition, we are available around the clock and will modify our schedule to suit yours. We also offer anything from one-time cleanings to once-a-day services. Plus, our customers get to chose what services they want. Want us to clean the bathrooms but not the individual work stations? Done. Need a daily dusting but not a floor cleaning? No problem. Want us to clean the work area from top to bottom but leave the employee break room alone? You got it. The point is, we offer choices so that our customers can customize our services according to their particular needs. We even offer a choice of products for our customers, including a line of eco-friendly “green” products, designed to help your business reduce its carbon imprint.

Why not contact us today to learn about our full line of janitorial services? Bellevue residents can request a free estimate. We’ll help you make the right choice for your business!

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